The biggest shark Ive ever seen

Ive travelled the world and had some very close encounters with the “men in the grey suits’
but this morning I  saw the biggest mother of a shark Ive ever seen.
This morning I went for a surf at Cabarita beach , south of the Gold Coast.

The water was a bit cooler than the last few weeks . Summer is over I guess??

I’d had a few good waves and been out for about 30 minutes when a Brazilian surfer alerted me that he had just seen a shark.
I didnt wait to discuss it and took off for the shore.
The Brazilian guy’s look of shock was enough to confirm that it wasnt just some little reef shark.

A few people stayed out in the surf.
Back up on the headland people were pointing and yelling to loved ones in the water  ‘to get the hell out of there”

I watched as about 200 mtres from shore a school of bait fish was being attacked by something huge.
People were arguing about what it was that was actually out there?
For a moment I thought it was dolphins …but they werent coming up for air.
Then a man with binoculars standing near me said
“It’s just a really big Manta Ray”

Then, it happened.
As the animal was thrashing around after the bait fish, it’s huge tail broke out of the water for all to see.

People were gasping in surprise. Suddenly all yelling to people in the water became more frantic.

Unbelievably a few surfers stayed in the water.  I wouldnt know how to estimate how big it was but I have no doubt it was big enough to swallow me whole!!



8 thoughts on “The biggest shark Ive ever seen

  1. Thats because this is not a real picture.
    I did a quiz in my form and this was up, and
    my form teacher told us that this is not a real picture.
    Kthnkzbi 🙂

  2. Hi Katy , thanks for pointing that out, but I did actually know that the picture is a hoax.. the shark is real, but someone has added it to the helicopter photo.
    I have seen many sharks in my travels and come very close to some.
    You can check out my other web site Ocean Artwork where I have many photos of Whales and Dolphins underwater…but no sharks!!!

  3. This picture is real. It was not edited in any way unless you count making it clearer. It was supposed to be a picture of a Marines air force rescue team. The person on the ladder was climbing up when the great white popped out of the water. Lol. Flying sharks=We’re so screwed.

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